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Production Capabilities

Our 2 MEMS facilities include over 2,300m² (25,000sq ft) of MEMS production, assembly, packaging, test and characterization areas.
We offer one of the most complete portfolios of equipment and MEMS process steps in the industry to fulfill an extensive range of development and custom process manufacturing requirements.

Wafer processing
Wafer level tests
Assembly & Packaging
Calibration & Test
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Our European and US wafer fabs excel at a variety of silicon, SOI and glass wafer processing capabilities:

Front-end: Wafer processing
  • Doping
  • Double-side lithography
  • DRIE and RIE dry etching
  • KOH & TMAH etching
  • Sticking –free structure release
  • Polysilicon deposition
  • Dielectrics
  • Metal thin film deposition
  • Electroplating
  • Ceramics deposition
  • Wafer bonding
Wafer level Tests & In-line Contol
  • Metrology
  • Static and dynamic wafer level testing

Back-end : MEMS & IC assembly and packaging

  • Thinning/Polishing, Dicing
  • Au and Al Wirebonding
  • Die attach and package sealing

Component- level Test and calibration:

  • Reliability and Functional tests
  • Sensor calibration