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Portfolio of proven technology blocks

Tronics offers a library of proven technology blocks, acquired through R&D programs and previous customer projects.
Thanks to 15 years of R&D, these technologies are now validated and associated to a large portfolio of processes suitable for the industry.

Electro-mechanical design capabilities:

Tronics co-designs electrostatic comb-driven spring-mass structures and capacitive membrane structures, thermal actuators as well as micro-mechanical structures and oscillators.

Capacitive comb drive structuresCapacitive comb-drive structures
Thermal actuatorsThermal actuators
Micro mechanicsMicro-mechanics
Capacitive membranesCapacitive membranes

Wafer Level Packaging and interconnects:

Tronics proposes a complete set of hermetic and vacuum wafer level packaging with interconnection solutions to ease the manufacturing and integration of the MEMS it produces for its customers.

Hermetic WLP with vertical pads openingsVacuum WLP with vertical pads openings
Hermetic WLP with lateral viasVacuum WLP with lateral vias
Hermetic WLP with TSVsHermetic WLP with TSVs
Hermetic WLP with TSVs and SMD solder bumpsVacuum WLP with TSVs and SMD solder bumps

Specialty processes

Tronics develops and industrializes specialized processes for custom devices. Tronics masters both surface and bulk micromachining technologies as well as thin and thick films processes.

Au plating surface micromachingAu plating surface micromaching
Bulk KOH or TMAH MicromachiningBulk KOH or TMAH Micromachining
drie-bulk-micromachiningBulk DRIE Micromachining

Gratings by nano imprint lithographyGratings by nano-imprint lithography
Cu plated TSVsCu TSV
PolySi filled TSVsPolySi filled TSVs

Assembly and packaging

Tronics has in-house assembly and packaging capabilities and manages supply chain to deliver packaged and tested components to its customers.

MEMS assembly in high vacuum packageMEMS assembly in high vacuum package (‹1mTorr)
MEMS and ASIC side by side assemblyMEMS and ASIC side-by-side assembly
Custom metal packagesCustom metal packages including titanium housings