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Technology Platform For High Performance MEMS Inertial Sensors

Tronics Microsystems proposes Magelan, its core inertial sensor technology, as an open MEMS foundry platform with design kit for customer specific design. This thick SOI technology with Vacuum/Hermetic WLP enables the production of industrial, automotive and aerospace-grade capacitive MEMS inertial sensor dies (accelerometers, vibration sensors, gyros) and brings the following benefits:
  • From single-axis to multi-axis capacitive MEMS designs
  • High sensitivity and high signal-to-noise
  • High reliability thanks to C-SOI and Hermetic Wafer Level Package with getter
  • Small die size and low cost
  • Ease of integration with standard wire-bonding

Magelan cross section

Long term reliability of vacuum WLP

Technical features:
  • 60µm or 80µm thick single crystal silicon structures
  • DRIE High Aspect Ratio ❯ 1:20
  • Hermetic Wafer Level Package with
    • Vacuum ❮10mTorr with getter for stable Q factor of 10s of thousands
    • Atmospheric pressure for damped structures
  • 2 metal layers on cap for electrodes and routing with crossing
  • Lateral vias for side-by-side or stacked-dies wire-bonding assembly
  • 100% static and dynamic test including frequency and Q Factor tests

By using our Magelan foundry platform, customers benefit from:

  • IATF certified quality system supporting from development to production
  • Faster design cycles with established design kit and layout support
  • Fast qualification and ramp up to production with process already qualified in production
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