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High performance MEMS Gyros

Product Description

The GYPRO® high performance MEMS gyroscopes product line has been specifically designed for applications that are more demanding than automotive, while not requiring ‘tactical grade’ FOG (Fiber Optic Gyros) or DTG (Dynamically Tuned Gyros). GYPRO® offers high bias stability, low noise and low latency.
Our closed-loop gyroscopes product family is well suited to precision navigation and stabilization applications.

  • Z-axis angular rate sensor
  • 24-bit SPI output
  • Single 5V power supply
  • 0.8°/h Bias stability (Allan Variance)
  • 0.14°/sqrt(h) ARW (Angular Random Walk)
  • Built-in temperature compensation [-40 to +85°C]
Product reference Input Range Vibration range Bandwidth Data Rate Latency Status
GYPRO2300 +/-300°/s 4grms
100 Hz 200 Hz 40 ms Production
GYPRO2300LD +/-300°/s 4grms
200 Hz 1700 Hz 2 ms Production
GYPRO3300 +/-300°/s 8grms
200 Hz 1800 Hz 1 ms Production

Evaluation boards

To facilitate the evaluation of GYPRO® angular rate sensors, Tronics has designed the GYPRO®-EVB2, an evaluation board compatible with Arduino platform. For USB interface, simply purchase an Arduino Yùn board, plug it on the GYPRO®-EVB2 and download Arduino software & drivers

(available for GYPRO® 2300, 2300LD and 3300)


  • GYPRO® Gyro Evaluation Board - User Manual (PDF file)
  • Tronics Gyro Evaluation Kit - Quick Start Guide (PDF file)
  • Tronics Gyro Evaluation Tool - Software User Manual (PDF file)
  • Tronics Gyro Evaluation Tool Software (Zip file)
  • Arduino IDE & Drivers (Link)
  • Arduino Library Firmware (Zip file or Github)
  • How to buy Arduino Yùn Board (Link)