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Over the years, Tronics has been involved in a wide variety of MEMS applications, from medical, to oil exploration or automotive. Some of the applications where Tronics has experience are listed below:


  • Capacitive Accelerometers
  • Capacitive Gyros
  • Capacitive Pressure Sensors

Micro­fluidics and bioMEMS

  • PZT actuated Micro-Pumps and Valves
  • Micro-Arrays
  • Lab-on-Chips


  • RF Switches
  • Micro-Mechanical Resonators
  • Phase Shifters and Tuneable Filters

    Optical MEMS

  • Electrostatic and Magnetic Micro-Mirrors
  • Gratings and Infrared Lenses
  • Adaptive optics

MEMS is a pervasive technology that is now found in virtually all market segments, from Consumer Electronics to Aerospace. Whatever your application is, Tronics will be your partner from concept to production.

  • Avionics

  • Medical devices

  • Oil & Gas

  • Instrumentation

  • Mobile navigation

  • UAVs

  • Wearable electronics