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Force-Rebalance Digital SMD MEMS Accelerometers

Product Description

AXO® is a unique family of high performance digital closed-loop MEMS acceleration sensors housed in a SMT package. The force-rebalance architecture of AXO® makes them extremely linear and insensitive to vibrations. AXO® provide best in-class composite bias repeatability and scale factor repeatability under demanding temperature and vibrations conditions of industrial, land, railway and naval applications. AXO® very low noise and excellent bias stability make them very well suited to precision attitude, guidance and motion control, as well as GNSS-aided positioning and navigation applications.

AXO® 24 bit SPI interface and small hermetic SMD package eases their integration and reduces the bill of materials at the system level compared to incumbent analog accelerometers. AXO® are ideally complemented by the GYPRO® high performance digital gyros product line.

  • In-plane, force-rebalance, 1-axis accelerometer
  • Excellent 1 year composite bias and scale factor repeatability
  • Very high linearity and insensitivity to vibrations
  • 24-bit SPI output
  • Fully hard-coded electronic, no embedded software.
  • Built-in temperature compensation and self-test
  • 12x12 mm hermetic SMD ceramic package
  • REACH and RoHS compliant
  • Non classified under dual-use export control
PerformanceUnitAXO215NEW AXO315
Input Range g ±15 ±14
Operating temperature range °C -40 to +85 -55 to +105
1 year composite bias repeatability mg 2.5 1
Vibration Rectification Error μg/g² 50 20
Bias instability (Allan variance) μg 4 4
Residual bias temperature error mg ±2.0 ±0.5
Bias in-run stability μg 15 15
Noise density μg/√Hz 15 15
Long Term Bias Repeatability mg 1 0.4
1 year composite scale factor repeatability ppm 900 600
Scale Factor non linearity ppm 100 100
Residual scale factor temperature error ppm ±600 ±400
Bandwidth Hz >300 >300
Data Rate Hz 1700 2500
Power Supply V 5 5
Size (L x l x h) mm 12 x 12 x 5.5 12 x 12 x 5.5
Status Not recommended
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How to buy Evaluation Boards

Evaluation boards

To facilitate the evaluation of AXO® acceleration sensors, Tronics has designed the AXO®-EVB3, an evaluation board compatible with Arduino platform. For USB interface, simply purchase an Arduino Yùn board, plug it on the AXO®-EVB3 and download Arduino software & drivers

AXO® Evaluation Board


  • AXO® Accelerometer Evaluation Board - User Manual (PDF file)
  • Tronics Accelerometer Evaluation Kit - Quick Start Guide (PDF file)
  • Tronics Accelerometer Evaluation Tool - Software User Manual (PDF file)
  • Tronics Accelerometer Evaluation Tool Software (Zip file)
  • Arduino IDE & Drivers (Link)
  • Arduino Library Firmware (Zip file or Github)
  • How to buy Arduino Leonardo board (Link)