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Results for the first-half of fiscal 2017 Published on 27 September 2017

Revenue from manufacturing activities increased by 15% to €1.3M versus €1.1M in the first half of 2016. Engineering revenue totaled €1.7M (versus €2.0M in the first half of 2016).

Julien Bon new CEO of Tronics Microsystems Published on 25 August 2017

The Supervisory Board of Tronics has appointed Julien Bon as the new Chief Executive Officer and chairman of the managing board (“directoire”) of Tronics Microsystems with immediate effect.

Revenue for the first-half of fiscal 2017 Published on 13 July 2017

In total, engineering activities accounted for €1.7M of the revenue in the first-half of fiscal 2017 (versus €2.0M in the first half of 2016), and manufacturing activities for €1.3M (versus €1.1M in the first half of 2016).

Miniaturized MEMS accelerometer with excellent linearity Published on 6 June 2017

The new AXO215 accelerometer, which complements the industry-standard GYPRO® sensors, will provide superior acceleration sensing performance tailored for very demanding applications.

Tronics opens MEMS production facility in Dallas, Texas, for Healthcare applications Published on 20 April 2017

The facility will provide extended custom manufacturing services dedicated to high volume MEMS applications with high added value.

2016 annual results Published on 27 March 2017

2016 revenue totalled €6.3M versus €7.8M in 2015, mainly affected by the loss of a customer which ceased its activities at the beginning of the year, and by delays in some engineering projects.

Acal BFi adds Tronics’ new generation, award winning GYPRO3300 high performance MEMS gyro to its portfolio of inertial products Published on 27 January 2017

Acal BFi is pleased to announce the addition of the award winning Tronics GYPRO3300 Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) angular rate sensor with supporting evaluation board to its comprehensive portfolio.

Public tender offer by TDK subsidiary EPCOS to acquire Tronics successful Published on 22 December 2016

TDK Corporation and Tronics Microsystems jointly announced that the all-cash public tender offer launched by TDK’s wholly-owned subsidiary EPCOS AG was successfully closed on December 14, 2016. EPCOS acquired 72.38% of the outstanding shares at a price of EUR 13.20 per share, thus exceeding the defined 65.41% success threshold for the offer. The acquisition of these shares represents a value of approximately EUR 33.432 million.

Tronics’ new GYPRO® evaluation kit takes inertial MEMS testing to the next level Published on 25 October 2016

Tronics has released a new version of the evaluation kit for its GYPRO® standard products. The optimization provides users and developers with improved functionalities for affordable easy and advanced testing.

First half 2016 results; public tender offer in progress Published on 20 September 2016

Despite significant business wins and the signing of eight new engineering contracts, revenue for the first half of 2016 stood at €3.1M, a 27% decrease compared to the revenue in the first half of 2015.

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