Our Investors

Since its inception in 1997, Tronics has received consistent backing from leading venture capital firms. The continuous support of our investors, totaling €15 million, underscores the strength of our business model and strategic plan for growth. We have used these funds, supplemented by our operating profits, to build our capabilities according to our customers’ growth and evolving needs.Our investors include:

Innovation Capital
Founded in 1996, Innovation Capital (formerly CDC Innovation) is an international venture capital firm with head office in Paris and local presence in the Silicon Valley. With over 420 M€ under management, they focus on early and late stage investments in the IT and Healthcare sectors.
cdc innovation
CEA Investissement
CEA Investissement is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Commissariat à l’EnergieAtomique (CEA). It specializes in technological licensing and financial investment in innovative start-ups associated with the CEA. CEA Investissement is focused on enhancing industrial activity based on the IP of the CEA and CEA-LETI.
cea investissement
Omnes Capital
Omnes Capital (formerly Credit Agricole Private Equity) is a major player in private equity, with a commitment to financing SMEs. With €1.8 billion in assets under management, Omnes capital provides companies with the capital needed to finance their growth and with key expertise in a number of areas: Mid and Small Cap Buyout & Growth Capital, Venture Capital in technology and life sciences, Renewable Energy, Mezzanine, Secondary Funds of Funds, Co-Investment.
credit agricole
iXBlue is an independent industrial worldwide group well-known for the design, development and manufacture of equipment, integrated systems and solutions for civil and military industries, oceanology, aeronautics and spatial industries. Its innovative technology is used for navigation, positioning, sub-sea imagery, ocean and land exploration (offshore, oceanography, hydrography, geophysics). iXBlue is a major player in offshore oil and gas, a world leader in high-performance sea navigation systems and an expert in hydrography; the group regularly invests in research and development amounting to more than 20% of turnover.
Aster capital
Aster Capital is a leading European Venture Capital Fund sponsored by Alstom, Solvay, Schneider Electric and the European Investment Fund. Since 2000, Aster Capital’s mission has been to invest in and support the most innovative start-ups that are working on solutions to change our world. Aster Capital focuses on highly promising companies and teams that have developed superior solutions to solve global challenges in the energy and environment sectors.
scheinder electric ventures
Sercel has been a leading player in the seismic acquisition industry for 50 years, supplying the geophysical industry with a full range of integrated high-tech equipment to meet the requirements of current oil exploration projects.