Custom RF MEMS Components

RF MEMS technologies are poised to play a key role in the development of broadband communications, software radio applications and agile radar systems. Once the final technical challenges are overcome (e.g., reliability, low-temperature hermetic packaging, hot switching etc.), RF MEMS-based components will provide higher integration and lower insertion losses compared to traditional technologies. We are positioned to play a leading role in RF MEMS component manufacturing for strategic high-end requirements.

Tronics has been involved in different projects with Nokia Research Center and Thales Airborne Systems. We have developed dedicated technologies for high-end RF MEMS components with tunable capacitors and integrated coils on the same chip. Through those industrial collaborations, Tronics has established a solid technological ground for future product development and industrialization.

Tronics partners with customers who are RF experts to co-develop and industrialize specialized technologies for their strategic RF components: switches, tuneable capacitors, phase shifters and micromechanical resonators.