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MEMS Development & Manufacturing Services

Tronics mems design for manufacturingDesign-for-manufacturing

The Tronics design-for-manufacturing service spectrum includes:

  • MEMS design layout optimization for manufacturing
  • Validation of behavioral model through experimental testing
  • Reliability studies on products and processes
  • System level optimization support: packaging, testing, calibration.

tronics-turnkey-product-developmentCo-design and turnkey product development

We provide co-design and turnkey MEMS product development to OEMs and system manufacturers, including:

  • MEMS co-design, modeling and electro-mechanical simulation
  • Electronic interface development management with ASIC partners
  • Design and industrialization of specialized packaging
  • MEMS and assembly process qualification
  • Product testing, calibration

Co-design and turnkey product developmentWafer processing

Tronics manufactures in both the USA and Europe to achieve optimal customer proximity. We supply qualified and tested products – diced or undiced tested wafers, as well as tested and qualified components – to satisfy small to high volume product requirements.

Our core technologies include:

  • DRIE deep etched MEMS on SOI
  • MEMS on CMOS and CMOS compatible processes
  • Wafer Level Packaging (WLP) including Vacuum WLP

MEMS Development & Manufacturing ServicesMEMS assembly and packaging

Our in-house assembly capabilities and proven expertise in custom package development translate directly into targeted customer benefits. We qualify customized assembly and packaging solutions and build reliable supply chains for their components. Advising customers on MEMS assembly best practices, we actively participate in reliability tests and the validations.

MEMS Development & Manufacturing ServicesHigh-end integrated component manufacturing

For OEMs we manufacture packaged and tested components – from wafer level packaged MEMS dice to integrated Systems in Package (SiP) – with standard or custom packaging. Taking full responsibility for both product and supply chain, we assure customers reliability and continuous quality improvement. Our service range for the components spans development, qualification, production ramp-up and regular manufacturing, including packaging, testing and calibration.