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High Performance MEMS Gyros

How to buy Gyros

Product Description

The GYPRO® product line has been specifically designed for applications that are more demanding than automotive, while not requiring ‘tactical grade’ FOG or DTG.

  • Z-axis angular rate sensor
  • 24-bit SPI output
  • Single 5V power supply
  • 0.8°/h Bias instability
  • 0.14°/sqrt(h) ARW
  • Built-in temperature compensation [-40 to +85°C]
Product reference Input Range Vibration range Bias instability Angular Random Walk Data Rate Status
GYPRO2300 +/-300°/s 4grms
0.8°/h 0.1°/√h 200 Hz Available
GYPRO2300LD +/-300°/s 4grms
0.8°/h 0.1°/√h 1600 Hz Available
GYPRO3300 +/-300°/s 8grms
0.8 °/h 0.1°/√h 1800Hz Available

How to buy Evaluation Boards

Evaluation boards

To facilitate evaluation of GYPRO® sensors, Tronics has designed GYPRO®-EVB2, an evaluation board compatible with Arduino platform. For USB interface, simply purchase an Arduino M0 board, plug it on GYPRO®-EVB2 and download Arduino software & drivers

High Performance MEMS Accelerometers AC08GYPRO®-EVB2
(available for GYPRO® 2300, 2300LD and 3300)


  • GYPRO® Evaluation Board - user manual (PDF file)
  • GYPRO® Evaluation Kit - quick start guide (PDF file)
  • GYPRO® Evaluation Tool - software user manual (PDF file)