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MEMS Foundries Europe & US

Tronics is the only independent custom MEMS manufacturer with US and European manufacturing facilities, allowing us to provide a majority of customers with truly local engineering and manufacturing support.

With a combined capacity of 60,000 wafers per year scalable to higher volumes, Tronics offers personalized service with world-class capacity and dedicated back-up.


Tronics MEMS Foundries office in Europe France Crolles

  • 6” wafer manufacturing line, packaging, test and characterization
  • 2,500m² buildings with room for expansion
  • 400m² class 10 to 1000 MEMS production clean rooms
  • 200m² class 1000 to 10000 clean room for assembly, packaging and test
  • 200m² reliability test and characterization lab
  • Integrated IT Manufacturing Execution System
  • ISO9001:2008 certified facility


Tronics MEMS Foundries office in US

  • 6” wafer manufacturing line, test and characterization
  • 13,000m² building with room for clean room expansion
  • 1,850m² class 100 MEMS production clean rooms
  • Up to 60 wafer fab operators available
  • 24/7 operation
  • Capacity expandable to more than 100,000 wafers / year
  • Automated with IT Manufacturing Execution System
  • ISO9001:2008 certified facility

With its bi-continental manufacturing capability, Tronics is well-placed to meet the increasingly global customer demand for advanced product solutions, complete concept development and flexible, high-volume manufacturing.